Dick Dale Photographs

----- A Visual Evolution -----

Misc Photos from the files of Dick Dale:

The famous KRLA photo!

Dick Dale standing on the boulders in his back yard in 29 Palms, California USA

Dick Dale rearing Blackjack his Black Morgan/Thoroughbred horse in1956

Dick Dale and "Jagrah"his pet Jaguar

Dick Dale and "Elsa" his pet Lioness

Dick Dale and "Sam" his pet Bengal Sumatran Tiger



Dick Dale's MCI Greyhound Touring Bus... converted and rebuilt from the frame up (side shot)


For the Bus Touring enthusiasts............

This is Dick Dale's Greyhound Bus, model MCI 8 that Dale converted and rebuilt into a model MCI 9....

This bus is 40 feet long and has been rebuilt from the frame up to the finished product you see here

by Mike Kadletz of Pro Bus Company.


The frame has been restructured and the outside metal skin has been replaced with a thicker metal skin showing no rivits,

the windows are gassed filled for better insulation like the walls of a house. It has a 24,000 watt separate auxiliary generator

along with a GPS Television Antenna to supply uninterupted TV signal while driving.


The interior is designed and custom built with Mahogany Wood, Custom Formica, Black Granite Sink tops, Aircraft lighting and

seating being comprised with imatation soft leather. There are 4 custom bunks for the musicians hosting separate color vcr video tv's

and separate AC/DC inputs & outputs for Playstations ect., air conditioning and windows for each of the bunk beds are installed

for the comfort of each musician.


The inteior color setting is, seating (creme beige), carpeting (deep kelly forest green),

cabinets (white custom formica trimmed with mahogany wood),

windows and curtains (trimmed with mahogany wood picture frames),

crystal mirrors and tube lighting throughout the bus.

There is a complete entertainment system throughout the bus with 6 separate televisions...

The Guest seating entertainment area at the rear of the bus can be instantly converted into

a wall to wall master bedroom area by the push of a button.....James Bond style.

This MCI 9 bus has an outdoor shower for beach goers, electric heated nickel chrome side mirrors,

rear backup color tv camera and lights, (more bus info to be listed)




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